Monadnock Pathway Singers

The Monadnock Pathway Singers for Hospice and Life Transitions is an Outreach Program based in the Monadnock region.


The Monadnock Pathway Singers are hospice-trained and are available to sing in assisted-living facilities, hospitals, and private residences.


“Music can make the difference between withdrawal and awareness, between isolation and interaction, between chronic pain and comfort – between demoralization and dignity.”

– Barbara Crowe, National Association for Music Therapy


 Monadnock Pathway Singers

formed in 2007 as a group for hospice patients and others in times of life transitions.  They have sung at memorial services, end-of-life transitions, in Alzheimer’s units, for birthdays, for shut-ins, at farmer’s markets and many other settings.


To learn more about the Monadnock Pathway Singers or to schedule a ‘sing’, please contact:

Margaret Foxweldon at: 603-355-1371


Pathway Singers is an outreach program of Animaterra Women’s Chorus.


“An elderly gentleman rolled his wheelchair toward us as our group of 7 singers warmed our voices in the parking lot. When he joined our circle to listen, we offered him a song. He asked for a hymn and sang along with ‘Peace like a River’. It was the most welcoming reception one could imagine for our first call to sing for hospice patients.”