Animaterra is a women's chorus in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire, USA. We are a non-profit organization, formed by women to communicate through music of the world's traditions. We welcome all women in a community of song, reaching out to all people locally, regionally and globally. We offer an environment of learning and shared musical artistry in which women, whether beginners or experienced, can express themselves through music.

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Need Stuff?

June 22nd 2018





Stop by the Jaffrey town-wide yard sale on


Saturday, June 23


from 8:00am – 3:00pm!


Look for the Animaterra Women’s Chorus table


on the town common!




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Spring 2018 Concert Information

May 26th 2018


Thank you, merci, dzienkuje, tack, asanteni

to those who traveled the world in song with Animaterra

at our Spring 2018 concerts!


Saturday, June 2 – Keene, NH

Sunday, June 3 – Peterborough, NH


It was wonderful to see you there!

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Animaterra receives Ruth and James Ewing Arts Award

June 21st 2015

We are proud and honored to be a recipient of this new local arts award:

Ruth and James Ewing Arts Award

We hope to see you on the 23d!

Ruth and James Ewing

Ruth and James Ewing

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“As Long As There’s Singing There’s Hope”- our latest CD!

May 28th 2014

Animaterra's New CD

Animaterra’s Latest CD



Our latest CD, “As Long as There’s Singing There’s Hope”, is a compilation of the best performances from our concerts over the past several years.

Here is what our audio engineer, Eric Blackmer, had to say in our liner notes:

“…is a collection of live performances garnered from across six years of Animaterra concerts. The album begins, as do most Animaterra concerts, with a processional. Listen! Hear the women rowing nearer in Ise Oluwa until they are assemble on the risers. After a welcoming introduction the show usually starts off slow and stately, as with Ela La Ma. Where they will they go from there, only Animaterra knows.

  Animaterra’s head and heart is Allison Aldrich Smith.  Officially, she is the music director but that doesn’t begin to describe her role.*  For Allison music is life and life is music.  Her magic is that she teaches, enables and inspires ordinary people to deliver performances that are clearly above and beyond.  Allison conducts and draws the choir and the audience to create transcendent musical events.

  Animaterra concerts are unique journeys. These singers soar in various directions- and their range is wide. They are likely to burst into a musical tour de force like Away Ye Merry Lassies, or shake your reality with 1000 Grandmothers, then touch the sublime with the Blue Green Hills of Earth, or bop you with reality, like  Cindy Kallet’s song I’m a Mammal, or captivate you with a very powerful rendition of Huddie Ledbetter’s Bring Me Little Water SilvieBaba Yetu, sung in Swahili, is unforgettable and brought down the house with a rousing standing ovation. 

  Animaterra will make you laugh and sing, and bring tears to your eyes. This unique women’s chorus will broaden your horizons with music from many and diverse world musical traditions. They will also entertain you with familiar songs. After you have been thrilled and awed, the choir will recess, singing, dancing, marching down the aisles, embracing, enthralling and celebrating the female spirit of the world. In the aftermath of an Animaterra concert there remains an aura of exquisite transcendent euphoria. 

  This is what we have tried to bring to you in this CD. May you enjoy it over and over. Sing along! Show your friends! Request Animaterra on your favorite radio station. Go tell it on the mountain! Let the good times roll! And remember: 

As long as there’s singing there’s hope!”

The CD is available at our concerts and events, and from CD Baby:


*NB:  Allison Aldrich Smith is the founder and now Director Emerita of Animaterra Women’s Chorus.


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